Susannah Mira, 2009-2010

Susannah Mira has just finished her stay at the Border Art Residency. From her website, susannahmira.com: Susannah completed her master's degree in Environmental Art at the University of Art & Design Helsinki in 2008. Born in San Francisco and raised in a non-descript Philadelphia suburb, she champions a highly itinerant artistic practice based out of a late '80s model station wagon.

Susannah's latest sculptural work employs both cast-off materials and humor to highlight dialogues on fabrication and resourcefulness. American inventions – for example, the clothespin or denim – are of particular interest as icons of both the legacy and novelty of innovation. Not content to work in the isolation of the atelier, her practice is also informed by large-scale collaborative undertakings. These environmental projects are truly contemporary efforts to effect everyday life through spatial, ecological, and community oriented means.
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